Public offer for domain name registration

The information provided below is an official offer (public offer) of the owner of the service FOP Reznichenko Sergey Nikolayevich (hereinafter referred to as the "Executor") to any individual or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") to enter into a subscription service contract and contains all essential conditions for the provision of services.

The specified offer is a public contract of accession and, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, has proper legal force. The terms of the offer are the same for all consumers and cannot be changed by the second party to the contract.

This proposal in accordance with Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is a public offer, the full and unconditional acceptance of which is considered the Customer's registration in the accounting system on the Contractor's web server.

Terms and definitions

Domain — part of the hierarchical address space of the Internet, which has a unique name, is served by a group of domain name servers and is centrally administered. The domain is identified by the domain name.

Premium domain names — domain names, the cost of registration and renewal of which differs from the declared regular cost of other names in the same domain zones.

Domain zone registration rules — conditions for providing domain administration and technical support services.

Register — the central database of domains, which contains information about registered domain names, domain administrators, and other information necessary for domain registration.

Domain registration — entering information about the domain and its administrator into the domain name register.

Domain delegation — entering information about the domain and the DNS servers specified by the administrator into the zone, containing the IP address and other information that ensures the functioning of the domain.

Domain administrator — legal or physical person for whom the domain is registered. The domain administrator defines:

  • domain usage procedure;
  • an organization or a person who provides technical support for the domain.

Domain administration — determination of the order of domain usage, organization of technical support of the domain, organization of payment for services of domain functioning.

Registrant — the person specified as the domain owner during the domain name registration process.

WHOIS — a service that allows you to get information about the owner of a domain name, its administrator, the registration period, its DNS servers, etc.

Registration period — the time during which domain information is stored in the domain name registry.

The procedure for providing domain name registration services

1. Domain name registration is carried out in accordance with the Agreement, as well as the order of domain name registration established by the Contractor and published on the Contractor's website. The contractor performs domain name registration on the basis of the Agreement concluded with the relevant registering organization.

2. Domain name registration and support services are provided only after providing correct data. At the request of the Executor, the Customer undertakes to provide the documents necessary for the domain name registration (confirming documents).

3. The customer independently chooses a domain name. This procedure is carried out without signing additional documents.

4. If necessary, during the process of placing an order for domain name registration, the Customer must provide the Contractor with his contact data in the form of a network identifier (nic-handle). If necessary, registration of the network identifier is carried out by the customer independently on the site of the registering organization or directly on the official website of the Contractor at the time of placing the order.

5. A new domain name is registered if all the necessary conditions, rules and regulations for its registration are met, namely:

  • at the time of registration, this domain name is free;
  • norms of international law are not violated;
  • complete and correct information required for registration is specified in the application;
  • the registration rules for this domain zone have been observed.

5.1. For a legal entity, the supporting documents may be copies certified by the seal of the legal entity and the signature of the authorized body:

  • extracts from the Unified Register of Legal Entities and Natural Entrepreneurs (for a foreign legal entity, another document on registration or assignment of a number in the register of legal entities in the case of keeping this register in the country where the person was registered);
  • certificate of registration with a tax authority (TIN) (for a foreign legal entity, another document of registration with a tax authority in the case of keeping this type of record in the country where the person was registered);
  • a document (minutes of the general meeting of participants, a decision of a participant or another document) on the appointment to the position of a person who, based on the Articles of Association, has the right to act on behalf of a legal entity without a power of attorney, a power of attorney based on which a representative of the Customer acts;
  • extracts from the provision on the branch/representative office on the establishment of a separate subdivision (for separate subdivisions of legal entities — in addition to the above-mentioned documents).

5.2. For an individual, the following are the supporting documents:

  • a document certifying identity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine (a copy of the document — at the decision of the Executor);
  • the original power of attorney in case of concluding the Agreement on the basis of power of attorney.

6. The Contractor fulfills the following written requests of the Customer upon providing the verification information specified during domain registration:

  • changing the information necessary to identify the domain administrator;
  • transfer of domain support to another registrar;
  • transfer of domain administration rights to another administrator.

7. The domain is considered registered, and the domain registration service is provided from the moment the registered domain is assigned the registered status in the Register ("REGISTERED", or "OK", or another status in accordance with the rules of the Register).

8. According to the contract, the Customer has the right to register any number of domains in his name.

9. The customer confirms that at the time of each application for domain registration, according to his information, neither the registration of the domain name nor the procedure for its use violates the intellectual property rights of third parties. The customer confirms his agreement with the fact that for premium domain names, the cost of registration and renewal may differ from the declared regular cost. The contractor is not responsible for the price of premium domain names indicated on the order form and reserves the right to name the final price after coordination with the registrar.

10. The Contractor's responsibility for each specific domain name ends when the domain name registration expires.

11. The Customer retains the priority right to extend the domain name after the expiration of its registration period within the period determined by the domain registrar.

12. The domain registration extension service is deemed to have been provided at the time of entering the registration extension information into the Register. Domain registration is extended for a period equal to the previously established domain registration period.

13. The cost of renewing a domain name after the end of its registration period may differ from the cost of renewing a domain name before the end of its registration period.

14. Regardless of the zone in which the domain name is registered, after 117 days after the registration end date, the domain can be removed from the register or transferred to a new registrant.

15. In all registered domain names, the technical contact is established by the Executor or the person responsible for the technical functionality of the domain.

16. When receiving official requests from government bodies authorized to receive registration data of a specific domain name, the Contractor has the right to provide up-to-date data about the domain and the domain registrant (administrator and other contact persons), even if the registrant's data is hidden in the public Whois registry.

17. In case of cancellation of domain name registration at the request of the Customer or for any other reason, not dependent on the Executor, before the end of its term of validity, as well as in case of transfer of the domain name to another person, or for service to another Registrar, including by court decision, monies for services for registration/extension of registration of such a domain name cannot be returned by the Contractor, and the Contractor's responsibility for each such domain name is terminated.

18. Personal data specified during domain registration may be available on the Internet using the whois service. This item is governed by the policy of ICANN (Corporation for the Management of Domain Names and IP Addresses)

19. When registering or transferring a domain, changing any contact information of a domain, a notification (verification email) will be sent to the owner of the domain, from which actions must be performed to apply the changes. Such notifications will be sent from the registrar to the domain owner's email. If the email address of the domain is changed, notifications will be sent to the old and new addresses for confirmation. If the email is not confirmed within 14 days, the domain will be blocked by the registrar. If the contact data of the domain is changed, it can be blocked for 60 days for transfer to another registrar according to the ICANN policy The issue of domain unlocking for transfer should be clarified in support.

Address and bank details of the Performer

The physical person is Sergey Nikolayevich Reznychenko, an entrepreneur
Registered office UA633052990000026005046110178 in JSC CB "PRIVATBANK", MFO 305299
Identification number 3042807090
He is not a VAT payer

Legal address: Ukraine, 21000, Vinnytsia, str. Sobornaya 82, office 4

+380 (97) 140 45 45 (Kyivstar),
E-mail: [email protected]